The Story Behind Our Adinkra Collection

Our Adinkra collection is inspired by Africas colorful culture and Scandinavian minimalism. The symbol that are used has been borrowed from the world-famous Adinkra symbol range. This particular symbol is called "Gye Nyame" and means "Supremecy of God".
Did you know that the Adinkra symbols has its origins in the Asante invasion of Gyaman in the early 19th century?
According to legend, following Asante defeat and deportation of King Adinkra of Gyaman to Kumase, he began to design a cloth with symbols and patterns that was thought to express his grief. Today, Adinkra symbols are well-known pictographs that communicate deep philosophical and theological ideas.
You can choose from a variety of straps to combine with the Adinkra collection faces. You can choose from different colors of leather straps and a rose gold mesh strap to make your watch more minimalistic, or you can go for our colorful Kente strap. The straps can easily be removed and exchanged with another one, so that you can match every outfit and mood.
We hope you love them as much as we do!
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