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Providing New Opportunities (PNO) is a Non-Profit NGO, founded in 2016, by young adults in Norway who are working hard to create a better future for children who are in vulnerable situations in Sierra Leone. The Organization seeks to not only promote, protect, and advocate for the rights of children, but to also to provide and take care of their basic needs.

We promote campaigns against child right violations. In doing so, we also work towards developing a new generation of Sierra Leoneans who shall uphold the values of tolerance, love, unity, respect and other good morals needed towards developing the lives of children. We help children in prison, we render our help to charges against minors, sexual penetration matters, and support schools with providing needed materials.

We have only one life to live, one purpose to fulfill, and one generation to impact. When a brand like Chale Watches provided the opportunity to make a difference and add value to the world, we did not hesitate. It is an incredibly huge HONOR to joine hands and build lives with ChaleWatches. Together, we can serve and meet the needs of vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

PNO has no budget of our own for programs that will help better the lives of these honorable people. So, our organization depends on people like ‘you and me’. We believe that together, with Chale Watches, we will continue to learn and find a solution. We work with different national organizations such as Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Office of the National Security and many other organizations, both local and international, to reach our goal.

We have no authority to make or pass laws. PNO is an organization that is visibly helping, in its own way, in Sierra Leone. Together, with Chale Watches we vow to highlight the plight of these vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.


On October 15th 2018 Providing New Opportunities donated 550 free uniforms to children at Municipal primary school in Dauda Town,Kenema District - Sierra Leone.  
In November 2018, we joined hands with SAMU YOUTH AGRO DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION to build a temporary school. Storm destroyed Ahmadiya Primary School in Samu- Kambia district in Sierra leone.The  incident caused the suspension of classes as some of the teachers were conducting their classes under a big tree. We manged to build a temporary shelter using bamboos. 


PNO has also given a little amount to some widows in Segbwema, in southern Sierra Leone, to plant rice farms and these ladies are doing a great job. (Pictures above).

For the last two years we have donated clothes to the Kenema Femal prison. We want this to be a sustainable development. As our slogan says- if you want to go far, go together. We hope to have you onboard so that we can help more people. Once more, we want to thank Chale Watches and specially you for helping us reach our goals. Your contribution means a lot.

Campaign Info:
Through this campaign you will get 15% off of your total order at  by using the code PNO2018. 10% of the profits will go to PNOs cause.

Mori James,
CEO and Co-Founder of PNO

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